The villas are ideally situated at the foot of Mount Koumouli, overlooking the picturesque and traditional town of Maritsa and the Aegean Sea.bikes

In a row of six newly built, neoclassical residences with a rare combination of both a beautiful Mountain and Mediterranean sea view. The location, the fresh air, the weather and the great layout of the house, create the perfect living environment for those seeking high quality accommodation for a group of friends or a single family. The villa is situated only 4 km away from the Islands airport, 18km from the City of Rhodes and Port and a short walk from the town square

This Villa is perfect for holidaymakers looking to explore the forests and wildlife of Rhodes, enjoy award winning beaches, whether they are looking to lounge or try their luck at Kite or windsurfing and of course experience the traditional lifestyle of the town itself. . The Butterfly Valley and the most popular beaches are 10mins away by car. The valley is also accessible via a path through the forest, which is popular with cyclists and hikers.

home-slide1The most popular amenity is of course is the town itself. A night in the town square with its cobblestone streets, tiled roofs, in one of the traditional Kafenio’s (coffee shops where small Greek delicacies and ouzo are served) will transport you to another era, where people worked the land in the day and congregated around the table to eat, drink and sing together and this lifestyle remains broadly intact until this very day. The town has no hotels; however has a significant number of traditional tavernas, bars and café’s catering primarily to locals and residents from surrounding towns. By staying at one of the villas, you are not just another tourist, visiting a Greek island, you are guest of our town and its residents.